Handmade Amish Furniture For Your Living Room

We have a variety of handmade Amish furniture that will fit into your home and living room style! We are located right in Wooster, Ohio. Visit our showroom today to pick out the pieces that will make your home complete.

Each piece in our collections are handcrafted with a level of care and dedication that puts it above all competitors. Our showcase partners with only the finest manufacturers, leading to us having a large selection of truly first-rate items and pieces from chairs to tables.

One of the most important aspect to consider when purchasing furniture is if you like how it looks. With the big name furniture stores, you are left wanting customization, why have it if it isn’t completely yours?

Luckily, that is where we come in. Our robust customization allows for you to create your very own furniture. Your living room should be reflective of who you are, so we offer many options to make your space your own!

handmade amish furniture
custom amish furniture ohio

Craftsmanship & Handmade Amish Furniture You Can Trust

We can assure that all of our manufacturers are expert craftsmen by selecting local Amish companies that we know and trust. We seek quality first so we can supply our customers with some of the best made products on the market that will last for years. Choose from our selection of hardware, stains, finishes, and more!

Looking for something special?

Let us know! We love to help you find exactly what your dreaming of!
We can help you design furniture for every room in your home custom to your style!

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